Oregon Chapter of the Fulbright Association

About Us

The mission of the Fulbright Association is to advocate for the Fulbright Program and promote international education. Our vision is a world where international exchange is widely recognized as a force for peace.

Oregon Chapter of the Fulbright Association

The Oregon Chapter of the Fulbright Association serves to connect Fulbright alumni, students, visiting scholars in Oregon and friends of international exchange connected with Oregon. Our chapter advocates for international exchange and mutual understanding. The chapter is focused on hosting engaging programs and events for Fulbright alumni and visiting Fulbright students and scholars. We advocate to connect all Fulbrighters, past and present, who are currently residing in Oregon as well as any other supporters of the Fulbright organization. The chapter is closely affiliated with universities and colleges in the region, and often co-sponsors programs with these institutions.



Tiffany Viggiano

Hyunsoo Lee


Debra Clemans


Suzanne Dunai


Carla Edith Jimena

Eileen Leynteng

Hollie Hix-Small

Kent Spring (ex officio)

Kent Spring (ex officio)